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With SOULBATH we have rediscovered an ancient wellness ritual. Our bath teas are bath additives made exclusively from dried medicinal herbs and flowers. Mixed into special recipes based on Ayurvedic models and traditional natural medicine, SOULBATH products strengthen not only the body but also the soul. The model is the rhythm of nature: rest - awaken - recharge - harvest.

PURE NATURE is our mission! SOULBATH therefore only uses raw materials of high organic quality. No additives or preservatives, because these do not belong on our skin. With all products you get instructions for small self-care rituals that ground you, give you strength and peace. A break in harmony with wild nature.

Soulbath organic bathing ritual

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This set is a great gift for yourself or for any woman you want to give a little, fine break to.

In this set you will find:

1. Bath tea INSPIRATION - invigorating:

Sensual damask rose, mystical cocoa as well as intense ginger, cardamom, thyme, hibiscus blossom and lemon balm create a feast for all the senses, we promise.

2. Bath tea REFLECTION - calming:

provides inner peace and serenity with lavender, chamomile, tulsi herb, mugwort, green oats, hop cones and   bright blue cornflower.

  • 3. French Press:   Our tip for the perfect preparation of your bath tea! We chose this French press because we love the brushed gold design. The clear shape also ensures that you can watch the herbs and flowers dance.

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