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It's so easy to enlarge your lips naturally!


It doesn't always have to be beauty surgery to get fuller lips. 

The best beauty tools for fuller and smoother lips now in our "Lip Service Box" conjure up a "plumping" effect that you can really see!


lip service

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2 lip cups + 1 Gua Sha massage stone + Repair Roll-on Intense

These beauty tools reduce the signs of skin aging and at the same time visually plump up the lips. The combination of vacuum, Gua Sha comb and a fantastic serum makes the lips appear fuller for a long time and gives them a healthier shade.

With regular use, collagen production is stimulated so lips look plumper and fine lines and wrinkles are reduced.

The negative pressure stimulates the blood circulation and the lips become fuller. You can repeat this process as often as necessary until you have the desired effect.

Applied over the upper lips, collagen production and cell renewal is stimulated and lip wrinkles are visibly smoothed.


Original Bian Gua Sha

Lip Booster thanks to the comb edge that promotes blood flow to the lips and enlarges them. The loss of volume in the lips is prevented and the appearance of so-called "smoker's lines" can also be optimized in this way. DThis allows you to achieve even better results when it comes to stimulating blood flow to theplump up lips.

The instant effect of full lips with a simple trick. These results are not possible without a comb edge.