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The EYE & LIP THERAPY GUA SHA is an effective tool for activating lymph flow and reducing puffiness around the eye area. Using a special massage ritual, he stimulates the fluids to move. It is the most popular tool for the sensitive eye area and enables a very gentle but effective treatment. The comb side of the Gua Sha is ideal for smoothing out wrinkles around the eyes and around the lip area. The top edge can be used to effectively treat sagging upper eyelids, while the other end is ideal for hitting acupuncture points.


Based on the millennia-old Gua Sha tradition, the Eye & Lip Therapy Gua Sha made from 100% Bian stone. Each piece is unique. Colors may vary slightly.


Gua Sha:
Gua Sha promotes blood circulation in the skin so that tissue and skin cells are optimally nourished. This promotes skin regeneration and relieves puffiness on the face and under the eyes. In addition, impurities are reduced, pigment spots are lightened and wrinkles are smoothed. Gua Sha stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, adds contour to the cheeks and jawline, and improves the absorption of skin care products.


Use the Lip & Eye Therapy oil serum so that the stone glides smoothly over the skin. You can find the QR code for the application video on the packaging. After use, clean the tool with warm water and a brush but not with soap and dry it carefully.


Eye & Lip Therapy Gua Sha

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