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Thenew Bian Gua Sha tool was specially designed for the Body and the scalp developed. 


Reduces cellulite & promotes firm, smooth skin. Anti-aging. Immune system strengthening.


The Gua Sha massage on the body relieves muscle tension, improves blood circulation and promotes lymphatic flow, which reduces water retention. Regular use helps Toxins derived from the tissue that to strengthen the immune system, the skin to tighten and to consolidate and that Visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite. A natural and effective method to increase well-being.


“For me, the Gua Sha Body Ritual is the ultimate self-care ritual. It makes such a difference in the appearance of my skin and helps with water retention & Reduce swelling.” 

-     Natalie | Founder Clean Beauty Concept





Promotes hair growth and ensures stronger hair.


The comb edge of the Gua Sha tool is ideal for massaging the scalp. By applying pressure and gentle massage movements to the scalp, the so-called "Scalp Combing", improve blood circulation and stimulate lymphatic flow. 


A healthy scalp is the prerequisite forstrong hair. This massage tool also has an effect on the hair. This makes them less susceptible to hair loss. The massage also supports hair growth, so that the hair grows back stronger. This allows nutrients and oxygen to reach the hair follicles better, which means the Stimulates hair growth and the Improved scalp health. The massage also helps, Relieve tension and headaches and relieve stress. 

Body & scalp massage comb

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