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Imagine your skin feeling noticeably firmer - without any Botox & Filler and you look in the mirror and like what you see! What about that?













Or goyou right now?

  • You don't like looking in the mirror anymore because you keep discovering new wrinkles? 


  • Botox & Fillers are out of the question for you, but you haven't found a natural alternative for a firmer face yet?


  • You have already tested yourself through various creams and products, but nothing brought the desired effect? 


  • Just wish you had that youthful glow back that your face used to have?


  • Even though you're over 40, do you want pink, glowing skin instead of a sallow, tired expression?

I know exactly how you feel! 


I, too, was forever looking for suitable products for my dry skin and natural alternatives to face tightening and fillers. 

With myGUA SHA WORKSHOP you will learn in 90 minutes how to use the Gua Sha stone correctly. I will also tell you certain tips and tricks so that the Gua Sha massage not only works on your skin but also on your whole body, bringing energy and relieving tension.  


You will love the result:

  • You will learn techniques with which you can quickly smooth out frown lines and forehead lines. 

  • Your skin radiates new energy, your entire face - including your neck and décolleté - looks tighter and your facial contours are clearly visible again. 

  • Your dark circles are lighter, bags under your eyes are massaged away and crow's feet are smoothed.

  • Swelling will decrease in the workshop. 

  • You feel wonderfully slowed down and relaxed, and your face and facial expressions are also relaxed - no matter how stressed you are at first. 

  • You get to know your face and facial expressions anew and fall in love with your reflection again.


But the best thing is: 


  • In the future you will know exactly how to look visibly younger and you can continue to use the massage technique at home. Your face will change visibly after just 21 days. 








Register now for the GUA SHA WORKSHOP (90 minutes) - and you will be back

really like to look in the mirror. 

Your investment for the GUA SHA WORKSHOP 



  • Gua Sha massage stone is ready for you + individually tailored facial care 

  • Exercise video for at home that shows and explains the individual techniques


Package price: 48 euros (summer special instead of € 78)


You have the choice between Vienna or Bad Vöslau:



1010 Vienna,Practice Schwedenplatz 2/15, 2nd floor



Bad Voslau,Oberkirchengasse 10

  • A small, exclusive circle of participants awaits you, where you can ask me all your questions throughout the workshop. 

  • After the workshop I will send you an exercise video that shows and explains the individual techniques.


About me:


I'm Natalie (50) and the founder of Clean Beauty Concept. Beauty was and is my biggest passion. I really want to show women that even without Botox & Filler is possible to tighten the face naturally, reduce wrinkles and lift facial contours. In my courses and workshops, I'll show you all the techniques you need to rejuvenate naturally and feel good about it. 



>>> More about Clean Beauty Concept 

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