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Eye & Lip therapy

Eye & Lip oil serum


100% cold-pressed organic plum seed oil with silk proteins from raw silk.Fragrance-free - for very sensitive skin.


The super light, pleasant smell of almonds Eye and lip oil serum - which is absorbed in no time at all - consists of 80% oleic acid, which is responsible for...intensive moisture ensures.


It isfull of vitamins (A & E),Polyphenols and Silk proteins, which for a silky, smooth skin feeling care while protecting the skin from Free radical damage andoxidative stress protect.

They also support the Cell regeneration and skin renewal 



Overall, the eye area looks fresh, radiant and well-groomed - and all of that.without appearing oily or to shine, because the oil serum only leaves onebeautifully delicate, velvety matte glowThe oil comes wholewithout essential oils and is therefore also suitable forsensitive skin types.



Not just for the eyes, but also for the sensitive lip area...
On top of that, it is an intensively rejuvenating and moisturizing lip oil.


Due to its soothing and moisturizing properties, it is also wonderful for sensitive lips. Provides long-lasting moisture and reduces lip wrinkles.



Eye & Lip Therapy

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This Silk protein is made from the silkworm cocoon and slows down skin aging as it ensures intensive cell regeneration and repair of the skin cells thus stimulating the body 's own collagen production also it helps retain moisture of the skin and acts as a moisture barrier. 
Plum kernel oil is an all-round talent and is for everyone Skin types- particularly suitable for extremely sensitive, allergy or acne-prone, dry, cracked and mature skin.
Plum kernel oil can easily be used with impure and oily skin can be used as it is considered little comedogenic oil applies and therefore does not clog the pores.
Apply the oil to cleansed skin using a roller.