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Exfoliation & anti-aging


Beauty tool for silky smooth skin

100% natural real silk

Also suitable for sensitive and irritated skin


The silk cocoons are made ofreal silkand areincredibly gentle. They give this by the friction of the cocoons on the skinprecious silk protein sericinoff that thecollagen formationencourages. This proteinsoothes, hydratesandpadsthe skin up.The face looks radiant, smoothed and refreshed.The silk proteins also reach the deeper layers of the skin and donate theremultiple of the humidityfrom conventional care products.


The special surface of the cocoons also ensures agentle peeling, where the dead skin cellsremoved extremely gentlyand blood circulation is stimulated. The skin feels after applicationincredibly softon and staylong-lasting moisturized.


By promoting collagen synthesis andReduction of the inflammatory processaccelerates silk also thewound healing. Atskin problemsyou benefit from this precious gift of nature. Also forsensitiveandirritated skinsuitable.


Silk cocoon scrub

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After cleansing, place a cocoon on your fingertip and moisten it with Super Glowy Essence. Rub in small circular movements over décolleté, neck and face for 1-2 minutes.

After use, we recommend applying the Super Glowy Essence and the Beautifying Oil.

Each cocoon can be used 1-2 times

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