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DIY lymph drainage including peeling effect, energizing

The dry massage with the Garshan silk glove is used in Ayurveda to remove waste products and toxins from the tissue. The massage is vitalizing, stimulates blood circulation and is relaxing and is therefore best carried out in the morning. The natural silk exfoliates very gently without attacking the skin. Also ideal for sensitive skin. To prevent and reduce cellulite.

Garshan silk gloves

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The silk glove massage gently stimulates and stimulates the connective tissue  firmer and smoother appearance  of the skin. It stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation,  activates the lymph flow  and supports the removal of  Slag from the tissue. The massage works entirely without oil, soap or water. The skin is gently polished. It feels silky soft afterwards and looks radiantly beautiful. After the massage, the skin is particularly receptive to that  Body Elixir Serum.