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You've been caring for and pampering your growing belly for months. Even after giving birth, you should continue to give your body the attention it deserves.


Thiscare ritualcontains everything you need to nourish and massage your skin to minimize stretch marks and scars.


Contents: Garshan Raw Silk Gloves, Body Elixir, Bian Gua Sha Massage Stone


Our unique care ritual helps to make the skin supple, firm and smooth again. All products contain only valuable natural and organic ingredients that nourish and care for your skin and give it back the elasticity it needs.


OnTop gives this ritual valuableme time, supports the entire body system and promotes general well-being. Your "inside" is positively addressed. During the Gua Sha massage, a feeling of well-being arises in the entire nervous system and the psyche.The organs are stimulated via the acupuncture points, toxins are drained through the skin and the flow of life is harmonised.

After baby body ritual

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Step 1: dry massage

Massage the stomach, buttocks and legs with the raw silk gloves before showering. Always work in rapid upward movements towards the heart. With this dry massage, the skin is optimally supplied with blood, the tissue is strengthened and the lipid metabolism is stimulated. It is soothing, works like a peeling - but without any additional products - and optimally prepares the skin for the subsequent care. Your skin will be as soft as your baby's skin.


Step 2: Body Elixir

Do not dry your skin completely after showering or bathing, but rather massage the firming BODY ELIXIR onto the still damp skin. This allows moisture to be absorbed better and the skin to become supple, firm and smooth.


Step 3: Gua Sha stone massage

And what about the stretch marks and scars? These are massaged and “erased” with the Bian Gua Sha stone daily for 28 days. They will narrow and fade over time. The Gua Sha massage stimulates blood circulation and skin metabolism (detox), it drains and brings oxygen to the tissue.

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