Beauty was and is my great passion.

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She started at L'Oreal Luxe in 1999, followed by 20 exciting years of collaboration with international manufacturers and brands from the beauty industry and important encounters with beauty luminaries such as Austria's leading dermatologist, Dr. Hajnal Kiprov. In the course of my career I was able to gain valuable insights and successfully incorporate them into the founding of Clean Beauty Concept.

The search for a suitable product for my sensitive, dry skin and a natural alternative to face lifts & fillers awakened the desire to found my own beauty label early on: with products that make the skin shine and poisons & Co. uncompromisingly excluded. In 2020 the time had come: I founded "Clean Beauty Concept".

The way there was long and rocky. In the search for the perfect care for my dry skin, I was often disappointed. The range of complex care routines to expensive creams and different oils was gigantic, but none of them convinced me.

Hydration was especially important to me. My products should provide the skin with moisture, and not just for a short time. The feeling of dryness should go away and the skin should instead feel plumped up and taut. After a long tinkering, I finally found the perfect essence & oil combination. I especially like the organic rosehip seed oil with its high concentration of vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. The texture is quickly absorbed, feels light on the skin and provides moisture 24 hours a day.

Show your face without losing it.

Many women wish to look fresher, more attractive and younger without their face losing character. I like to talk about a no-tox concept in our skin care program. A natural glow, fresh radiance, relaxed facial expressions and tight facial contours are always better than skin over-perfected by surgery and poisons and facial features that appear unnatural.

What is often not taken into account in the cosmetics industry: Forehead lines, frown lines or crow's feet around the eye area are responsible for negative, tired and stressed facial expressions. Wrinkles are not only caused by a loss of elasticity in the skin, but also by tension in the muscles. This can be worked on with our No-Tox Magic-Facial-Ritual - consisting of essence, oil and Bian stone - by relaxing the deep muscles. Puffiness disappears, wrinkles begin to smooth out and the face regains its natural contour. Clean Beauty Concept delivers this immediately visible and natural lifting effect without surgery and without poison. Just three minutes of daily use is enough.

But sustainability was also important to me. I didn't just want to be "clean" with the ingredients. The outside also counts. No outer packaging, perfect preservation conditions for the product, labels with responsibility, user-friendliness, refill systems. And short distances: manufactured in Austria and also sold there.

My vision is to fight skin aging holistically and naturally. Results should be permanently visible on the face. Because looking younger also makes you happier, which in turn can have a positive effect on your health.

When the skin is optimally moisturized, when it shines and looks like after a workout, I am completely happy. For me, a day without the Magic Facial and my valuable Me-Time is no longer conceivable. You almost get a little bit addicted. (-:

Stay clean & beautiful!

Mag. Natalie Herzlieb I Founder