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Contents: 2 Ice Spoons


Massage tool for a cold treatment, decongestant, firming, invigorates the complexion, anti-aging & suitable for all skin types.


Made of high-quality glass, the massage spoons are designed to soothe, tighten and reduce puffiness in seconds.

The refreshing massage invigorates tired skin, refines the pores and reduces redness. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.



Ice Spoon - cold treatment

SKU: C10018
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- Refines the skin texture

- Decongestant (eyes + face)

- Refreshes and invigorates tired eyes

- Gives a radiant complexion

- Firming & firming

- Antiaging

- Relieves redness & inflammation

- Stimulates blood circulation

- Ergonomic shape for effective action

- Suitable for all skin types


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